Famiglia Quadrio. Memoria estratta dalla Raccolta delle Famiglie Nobili Valtellinesi esistente presso la Famiglia de Simoni di Bormio erede dei manoscritti dello Storico Bardea

Edited by Niccolo' Orsini De Marzo

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Reprint of a plaquette first published in Sondrio in 1913 introducing to the glories and the prerogatives of nobility of this ancient and prolific house from Como, flourished in Valtellina first in Ponte and Tresivio from the XII Century on spreading in the Terziere Superiore giving origin to several branches, many of them descending from the mighty ghibelline chieftain Stefano miles (1376-1438), some nicknamed from a patronimic that sometimes became the only surname: many branches continued to belong to the local élite, but as many were those decayed or that remained in the shadow, still flourishing along... Read more