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Biblioteca di Storia del Diritto Nobiliare
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Biblioteca di Storia del Diritto Nobiliare
Memoriale per la Consulta Araldica (Legislazione nobiliare)
Anastatic reprint of the handbook summarizing the Italian Nobiliary Law(s) first published in Rome in 1888 with the task of providing some references in the field of Nobility legislation of the Italian peninsula before and after the Sabaudian unification, intended for the use of the Consulta Araldica in fulfilling its duties.
As well known, in fact, article 79 of the Statuto Fondamentale del Regno (Editto 4 marzo 1848) must have guaranted that “Titles of nobility are to be conserved to everyone legally entitled to them in the past. The King has the power to grant new ones”: even if the first part of the sentence has been largely disattented with the conseguence of an implicit costitutional vice for those acts emanated in violation of the mentioned principle, this summary shows how on the contrary the Consulta Araldica was entrusted with the basic instruments for correctly evaluating about the fundamental, different juridical situations of the preunitarian Nobilities.
After an introduction which deals with the organization and regulation of the Consulta, its Regolamento and an in-deep abstract of the contemporary Italian Nobility legislation, the different ordinaments once caracterizing each preunitarian statal entity are illustrated on the basis of their legislative sources, diffusely quoted and cronologically mentioned: so for the historical Sabaudian States the legislations of the Subalpine Provinces are treated differently from those of Genova and Sardinia; for the Lombardy the old State of Milan and the restaurated Regno Lombardo are discussed separately from the Regno Italico; for the Tuscan Provinces the Granducal legislation is dealt with in a chapter different from that devoted to the State of Lucca. Venice, Parma, Modena, the Roman Provinces, Naples and Sicily are singularly treated, too.
An historical juridical excursus that clearly shows the enormous differences, mostly in the field of styles of succession in the titles of nobility, that proved inconciliable without dramatically forfaiting centuries-old traditions, and of course caused abherrant consequences and grotesque misunderstandings still hard to die.
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