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Ippolito Piccolomini – Antonio Sestigiani
Priorista della Città di Siena. Ovvero Catalogo Alfabetico di tutte le Famiglie Nobili senesi, viventi, ed estinte, che hanno goduto l’onore del Supremo Magistrato.
Edition of a manuscript work of relevant interest conserved in a Private Collection, as copied by the literate and genealogist Luigi de’ Rilli Orsini, Roman Noble and Forte Academician (L. de’ R. O. N. R. ed A. F. &, &), dated 1815. He was the grandfather of the more famous genealogist Luigi Passerini Orsini de’ Rilli, who helped Pompeo Litta in his monumental series dedicated to the Famiglie Celebri Italiane, further owner of this codex as testified by his mark of property on the frontispiece. Author of this remarkable compilation was the Olivetan prior Ippolito Piccolomini, scion of an illustrious Senese house, not without the help of D. Antonio Sestigiani, both a priest and an antiquarian: it contains in alphabetical order all the more or less noble families which took part in the government of that commune, giving historical news about their origins and their most remarkable deeds and members, while reproducing the coats-of-arms not forgetting seals from the archive documentation as brisures and variants. Even if the style of designing is quite unaccomplished, the astonishing value as a source for the study of the local heraldry makes this manuscript a real milestone for each scholar and friend of Senese history and art. The volume is enriched by a foreword by Niccolo’ Orsini De Marzo, and all the coats-of-arms are blazoned and indexed by one of the best connaisseur of the Italian heraldry, Michel Popoff (French text).
Pages 348 - Size 21x30 cm - Binding: Hardbound.

 Index of the coats of arms - Priorista senese
A plate from the manuscript.
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