Jacob Wilhelm Imhof

Genealogiæ viginti illustrium in Italia familiarum

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This work, as rare as it is well known, of the genealogist Im-hoff is of particular interest to Italy; in fact, it illustrates the coats of arms and genealogies of 20 of the most famous of the Italian noble families: among the reigning families are the Cybo, dukes of Massa and princes of Carrara, the Farnese dukes of Parma and Piacenza, Pico duke of Mirandola and Concordia, and Medici, grand dukes of Tuscany; but the volume also includes the Milanese Biraghi (who are also Piedmont in origin), Homodei and Trivulzio (Gallio Trivulzio), the Sfondrati of Cremona (the family of Pope Gregory XIV), the Ferrero of Masserano from the Piedmont, the ... Read more